Let’s go for a promo this week:

The Six Flags myachi was made in 2008, and set to sell at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. This past week I was lucky enough to grab 2; they still have a good couple dozen left, so if you live in the area get your tail-end over there this instant!
The 6Flags myachi is made out of a red microsuede that is similar to the fabric on the Rawhide, but finer. This causes it to be a great jammer. The only flaw is that it collects dirt semi-easy because of the microsuede, and the red dye turns the white print pink if wet. I’ve been told that the print does eventually peel off, but that should be no skin off your back unless you’re a collector.

Pros: Really good jammer, same price as other myachis ($7), promo, destined to be rare
Cons: White print peels, gets dirty easily, dye stains print

The cons are pretty minor, and because it is a promo and a superb jammer, this is definitely a 9/10.

Ya, no fancy design here. Just plain and simple.


Jammer of the Week

Hmm, this is going to be a real hard one. I’ve made so many friends on the forums, and I’m sorry I can’t feature all of you at once (hint: I WILL feature all of you eventually). And remember, just because I feature you earlier doesn’t mean I think you deserve it more, it’s just what was on my head at the time. Onto this weeks jammer.

In my personal opinion I think the jammer of the week is Dragon. Not only has he been STWAKOJ like the rest of us, he has also been on the chat (CHAT) very often these past couple of days, as well as being on video almost the entire time. He even played me in myach a couple times and completely creamed me. He also has a really sick youtube channel with some really neat episodes on the happenings throughout the myachi world. (The link is on the Youtube Page)

So ya, big props to Dragon and he really deserved this shout out.

Until next time, STWAKOJ.

Q+A Friday!

Happy friday everyone! The work week is finally over.

And thanks for everyone who commented on the Q+A page, here’s the precious answers:

Crazy Ivan: Be lucky enough to be put into a group of all girls by the counselours. Or you can ask; as every trip so far it’s been that way. πŸ˜›

Pinky/Downtown/Fresh: I’m sorry, Downtown will not be considered cool until he gives me a tutoring lesson or a free myachi. πŸ˜› Until then , he’s almost cool. πŸ˜‰

Another short post, eh? Well here’s a random jam video:


As you all know I had this weeks Site Happenings on this past Sunday, so check it out if you haven’t already!

And now let’s have a big warm welcome to everyone who has recently been brought into the movement! That includes all the new members on the forums and in real life! Welcome all and STWAKOJ!

On a side note, thanks for all the support guys. I almost hit 100 views on the 18th, and although the numbers have dwindled since then, it’s still really nice to have everyone commenting and such. Thanks a ton everyone, and here’s to a bright future! You guys rock.

PS I know this is a short post, sorry πŸ˜›

Extra! Extra! Youtube Channel Time!!!

Hey all! Hope your summer’s goin good and you’re all jammin like there’s no tomorrow! As for today’s channel, I wanted it to be something different than the Official Myachi Channel since everyone reading this probably knows it better than the back of their own hands.(If not, it’s here) So skipping that, I was wondering who else would be worthy for the first edition of this featurette.

Why not Mantis?

Mantis’ Channel (He has two, his second isΒ here) is really sick. He has some really nice tutorial videos and explains everything step by step and is really clear. Plus, he has some awesome jam videos; he’s definitely the best myachi juggler I know of. He also has some videos of the masters and some other random, yet myachi-related videos.

Check some of em out:

Now with this sick channel in hand, STWAKOJ!!!

News of The Week!

Pretty busy week here:

-4.5 series: The 4.5 series, as well as the NBA series is finally on the site. For those of you who can’t get em at a store near you (yet), you can finally order them online after a month wait. The 4.5 series is definitely debatable as one of the best jammer series yet. Sadly, the FDNY, NYPD, and NYC Taxi sacks are not on the website. As far as I know, they are only available at the Toys R Us in Times Square. So if you’re looking to get one of them, try to get a day trip planned with your parents!

-Park Day: Myachi Master Spider set up a date at 14th Street Union Square this past week. A big shout out to masters Bones, HardKore and Mav for coming and jamming with everyone. Also like to say thanks Dragon for coming all the way from NJ. Myachi Park Day was a success with a good 16-17 people in 14st Union Square. We had a lot of fun and we played many games in the hot sun. Supposedly there are plans for another of these (or similar) later this summer, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

-Masters in Totowa, NJ: Yep you heard right! Every Saturday (And possibly some Sundays) the masters will be at the Toys R Us in Totowa, NJ. Sadly I’m about an hour away, and there isn’t much there for a day trip, but if you live closer, definitely get your butt over there! I heard it’s a blast.

-New Site: According to Crazy Ivan, the new site is getting closer and closer to completion and will be at out fingertips soon! I’m sure everyone is really stoked for it as supposedly it’s using technology from the future. If somehow you haven’t heard of the new overhaul yet, check out this vid.

Smaller News:

-Dragon finally got a webcam, so he can finally play Myach.

-The Myachi Clan Wars are finally under way, so stay tuned for some more news on that.

And lastly, the random jam vid of the day:


The Cradle, Cold Fusion, and The 360

Why not start with the basics?


In order to do a cradle, start with they myachi in your hand of choice. Then bring your hand inward and towards you, almost to your shoulder. Then reverse the motion, sending you back into the lotus position. Do this repeatedly by using the momentum created by the movement.

Now for some eye candy:

Cold Fusion:

For a cold fusion, start once again in the lotus position. Cross your arms so that the hand with the sack on it goes underneath the empty hand. Toss the sack up 4-6 inches and catch it with the empty top hand. Uncross your arms and then re-cross them, again bringing the hand with the myachi on it underneath the empty hand. Toss the sack up 4-6 inches again and catch it back on the hand you started with.


Probably one of the easiest moves to explain, start yet again in the famous lotus position. Throw the myachi up, and have your hand go in a circle around and over the myachi. Practice left and right handed, as well as clockwise and anti-clockwise as it will be much easier to learn future, more advanced tricks. You can also go around twice for a 720, or three times for a 1080, etc.

Thank The Official Myachi Channel and Mantis’ Awesomeness for the example videos, and hope to see you next time, on Trick(s) of the Day.

STWAKOJ (Spread The Word And Keep On Jammin’!)